AMDA On-Line Credit Card Donation

On-Line Credit Card Donation

Those who wish to donate by credit card must agree with the following Important Notes on Donation by Credit Card. Please be sure that you have read and understood these notes before entering your private information.

As of May 8th, 2013, AMDA became an Approved Specified Non Profit
Corporation thereby obtaining Tax Exempt Status.
Any donations on and after May 8th, 2013, are therefore Tax-Deductible.

*: Compulsory

JPY (Please input with a half size number)
*between 2,000JPY and 100,000JPY
USD/JPY chart
*Purpose of donation
   First name:
Other names:
Address 1 (flat #, street):
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Address 2 (city, county, state, country):
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*Telephone number:

*Credit card number:
 (Please input with a half size number)
*Security code:
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(3 or 4- digit code on the back of the card)
*Expiry date:
(shown on the card)



On SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

SSL is an electronic encryption system. Donors' private information will be encrypted by this system and so will be protected against leakage. Therefore, please feel safe in donating by your credit card.

This symbol proves that AMDA is using the SSL system produced by GlogalSign.